Marina Litvinenko
About me
I'm an author, a certified psychologist and a healer, in the profession since 2012. My philosophy is to be myself as well as in love, in business, in creativity, in all manifestations of life, original and authentic – this is freedom and happiness.

I help to develop awareness – understanding what is happening to you, your body, thoughts, emotions and your environment, as well as developing resilience and the courage to live to the fullest. All this leads to a change in the quality of life and inner freedom.
Health starts with the truth
Our meeting takes place online via video link in the messenger that best suits you. You can be in any place where there is a stable signal, and where you will be able to talk calmly during the meeting.

According to the form, our work can be either individual, or family, or in a group of up to 12 people. The main tool of our work is a dialogue and a healing space, we create together.
Clear vision with your heart
You can sign up for a consultation or ask a question in any messenger or by e-mail. Contacts - just below.

Please be guided by the reception hours
from 8:00 to 20:00 European time.
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